They Really Don’t…

Just hanging out today, listening to old stuff on the Nakamichi SR4 receiver that the audio gods bestowed on me recently. Old (1986), retailed for $1000. Playing into a really old ( 1978) pair of KLH 2-way that I pulled out of a neighbor’s trash in a rainstorm and repaired. Cost to me; $26.00. Value; Oh My God. Priceless.

They really don’t make stuff like this anymore. Straight- up 2-channel Nakamichi, bypass for the tone controls ( don’t need them anyway). This thing produces enough clean power to light up Cleveland for the weekend. And, an AudioPro subwoofer ( $1300 in 1978!), the original powered sub. Ever. On a lark, emailed AudioPro as they exist today, asked them for any info they might still have. Sven the Swedish Engineer downloaded me a manual ( in English) in about three minutes, wasn’t at all surprised that it still works.

Apparently the audio gods were cleaning out the garage, looked around for a surviving dinosaur, and here we are.

So enough gloating about the toys. Have throughly enjoyed listening to all kinds of stuff lately, just to hear how goddamn good it sounds. Back in the day, most people ( me included) didn’t have stuff like this to refer back to. You just used whatever you had, and that was fine. That’s all relative.

The thing that strikes me now is this; the engineering on most recordings was phenomenal. And they did it all the time. And they knew even then that there was no particular reason to go to the trouble. Most music got heard on car radios, clock radios, boomboxes. The collective product was meant to sound ok anywhere that consumers encountered it. So people liked the product, but generally had no idea what they were missing. In a way, it doesn’t matter. But I am here to testify that the production and engineering on most recordings was Oh My God spectacular. Best thing I’ve found so far? Diana Krall singing ” My Love Is A Mountainside”. Just her voice accompanied by a stand-up bass. Perfection. Or ” Cry Me A River”. I may have to die for her if she ever needs a sacrifice in her honor.

They don’t make stuff like this anymore, and the world doesn’t seem to miss it. Very sad. Nakamichi, Carver, Adcom, Sony ES… all the speaker companies…all mostly gone now. Some brand names survive only because the Chinese bought them.

If you ever find yourself feeling a bit dinosaur-ish, go dig up some good, old analog audio stuff, and just listen. That’s all they ever wanted us to do.


Editor’s Desk…

Ok. We’ve got two more entries up ( thx Clark!) , and now it passes to DS1. Sorry about leaving you that cliffhanger, DS, but I honestly couldn’t picture what happens after she passes out. BTW, Millicent is a real waitress in a real place in Warwick, RI. Figured that must be a sign from God, so there she is.

I’m a bit unsettled about Clark’s video application. Disconcerting, as if Willie Nelson suddenly grabbed a Les Paul and started doing an old Zeppelin song.  But this is collaboration, yes? I should maybe see it as a spiky new modern-art form of blog literature? Did we just invent “blog literature?” Am I way behind the learning curve again? I feel so…quantified. Anyway, damn nice work all around. This is more fun than chimps at a baseball game ( I have no idea).

Oh, Foo…

Just waiting on the next entry to be put up, and this seemed like a good video to help pass the time. Theme? Trying to continue working while pressure keeps building…

All right, yes, that is a bit of a stretch. How about I just really liked these guys? Great band, and a sense of humor. Roland wants to shoot at the stuff that gets thrown off the bridge. He swears he hit the TV just before it hits the ground.

Mel still has a few hours before we pass the wand to Clark.

Paul Pierce and Glen Davis think their heads may stay in place long enough to play tonight. Mary Queen of Scots says that if Paul had slipped Dwight Howard a gold coin, he might have made a cleaner job of it. And Mary offers a little-known historical fact; when she leaned in to whisper to the axeman, she asked him if he could change a twenty…thinks in retrospect that maybe that wasn’t such a great idea.

Should be an entry showing up pretty soon. In the meantime, Go Celtics!!

The HCC…

Checked in to Rag Central this morning to find Roland, Paul Pierce, Glen Davis, Mary Queen of Scots, and Anne Boleyn conducting a meeting of the Headless Celebrities Club. They’re deciding who to get for a keynote speaker at the convention…HenryVIII, or Dwight Howard.

And He Saw That It Was Good…

Wow. Nice work. Nice roll going. Nice tempo. Thanks for the prompt entries, you guys. Best of all, Roland likes it, and wants to know what happens next. What caused all the commotion? He’ll be glad to go shred’ em with his Thompson. Always willing to pitch in, that Roland. Likes the Youtube plug, but still thinks Warren could have kicked it up a notch. I guess being headless leaves a guy feeling a little cranky. Says it gives him migraines.??

Anyway…that brings the ball up to midcourt; and Glenn, at the top of the key…comes off a high pick- and-roll set by DS1, fires a great Rondo-esque behind -the- back pass to Mel Thompson, wide open in the corner, who fires up a three….Go Mel!!

Speaking of Ray Allen… got to go watch Boston take Orlando out. Give’ em hell, says Roland. And he says that he must be more mature these days, because he doesn’t hate Kobe as much as he used to. Still wants to machine-gun him, though.

On The Seventh Day…

On the seventh day, he logged on to find another novel entry ( thx Mrs. Wheeler!)  and 19 hits! Count ’em! 19!

I guess that ” link” thing comes in sort of handy after all. Thank God for that; Roland had suggested getting some homing pigeons, seeing as how they worked so well in WW1. ( I know that he really just wants more birds to shoot at. ) I suspect that he is catching on to this digital landscape thing…he wants to know if he’s featured in any youtube clips, and he wants his own link to the WD so he can go check in with J. Sullivan. I ask if his intentions are honorable. He laughs ruefully, says that he doesn’t need no stinking intentions. He has…lawyers…guns…money. Quite the conversationalist, Roland is.

So…the Great Digital Novel is out the gate, and headed for the first turn. This is way cool. So we’ve got a couple eating lunch, and a bartender named Joe. ( note to self- remember to give characters names! ) The torch now passes to Mr. Miller; good luck, sir, bon appetit, semper fi.

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And They’re Off…

All right, then. It has officially begun. The first segment is up, and now Roland and I can just chill out and watch for what happens next. He’s wound pretty tight, Roland is, he just won’t let go of that 50 -cal. trigger mechanism. Keeps hoping for more of Hitchcock’s birds to wander by. I try to tell him to remember the three most important things in life, and he snarls that he already knows; lawyers, guns, and money.

The Fifth day…

Well, then. Roland and I haven’t a damned thing to worry about. There isn’t a single , solitary thing coming across that event horizon. Justin what’s-his-face would be a welcome break in this melancholy. We’d just shoot him again, but hey…something tells me that kid will do some serious damage once he figures out how to escape his captors. And not in a good way.

And to get back to this thing…I suppose that I could just write the opening riffs to something, and then see if anyone shows up to add to it. I guess so. I’ll go with mine, seeing as how I can visualize it better. Maybe they just need to see something concrete to work from.Yeah. Right. Sure. Absolutely.

 Life is short, and getting shorter; and as Clark said so well today on the WD, we just don’t want to go wasting stuff. It just feels fundamentally wrong. So I’ll put something up there, send notification out to the list of attendees, and wait some more. Roland will holler as soon as something moves out there. He’ll probably shoot it first and then holler; he’s like that, being headless and all. ( Yes, I know…how can you holler if you’re headless? I admit I’m a little scared to ask him just yet. He seems to be taking this endless quiet very badly.) Does anyone else miss Warren Zevon?

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On The Third Day…He Pushed Buttons

Another glorious digital morning; and the real one’s pretty glorious, too.

The digital landscape remains quite pristine. You’d think that maybe a few leftover Hitchcockian birds might flit by;

                                               V     V    v       V          V  v

                                                v        v   V       V

       v    V       V     V                   v             V            vv    V  ;

                                 and         ^      ^   ^     ^    ;  ( there’s always a few who don’t play well with others)

     Today, it’s all about tags and categories; and learning to embed video stuff. I’m resisting the urge to waste a lot of ammo; that is to say, drop a bunch of pop culture references. Like a jumpy, overtired machine gunner peering out into the ominous darkness and shooting at everything that moves.  I’ve already resisted reruns on Castaneda and Dennis Miller, and can barely hold back from the Bible, Three Dog Night, and Stanley Kubrick. Hal and Dave, to be specific. Sam and Dave just wouldn’t fit right now. But I’ll save “em all for another time. If I knew how, I’d plug in a video reference of Jimi Hendrix; “Rainy Day” from Electric Ladyland. Then you’d all see what I was getting at. But I am quite blogically challenged. So, I’ll stick with the original plan. Just wanted to get something up quickly so I can play with tags and categories, in a desperate ploy to increase the hit count. Even if it’s just random. It’s so lonely out here. I hope I don’t have to invoke Britney Spears or Justin Biber? Beiber/ Beibere whatever, God where do they find them, and can I just shoot them on sight?

     Oh no…it worked. I’ve invoked a digital Justin. He’s not real, but then again neither am I. So let’s walk him into my sights…lock and load…take a deep breath…adjust for windage…and blast that little sucker back into the digital stone age. Back to MS-DOS. 5″ floppy disks. Atari Ping-Pong.

     Man, that felt good. Nothing like a morning spent dispensing with useless pop references. Well, back to work now. Tags and Categories. I hope Roland gets here soon to relieve me. See you guys later…

Roger ( the other Headless Thompson Gunner)

And On The Second Day…He Pondered

So, here we are on the first official glorious morning of the new blog. I must admit that this ” freedom of the press” notion is very exhiliarating. I just wish I had something even remotely insightful to offer, some small snippet of wisdom. Being fresh out of snippets, I’ll just have to contend with waiting for my esteemed associates at the WD to commence with pouring forth those intriguing storylines. Don’t want to get caught having to help write a novel that we don’t find particularly interesting, do we? Hmm?

     Just hanging out, waiting for that first idea to land like a single- engine Cessna with bad landing gear…like a tailless kite whipping around and crashing into a rooftop…like LeBron bailing on the Cavaliers…just whistling a little ” Dixie” to pass the time…funny about that song…written by a New Englander and real popular in the Northern states…go figure…sure is quiet out there…too quiet, if you ask me…pristine digital stillness…I wonder how much memory it takes to keep that weird Castaneda-esque horizon running…Hey! Did you see that? An Ally!  Damn! Hey, come back…do you have an idea for a story? Have you seen any Doctrinaires out there? A Spatulette? Anybody? Hey, watch out behind you!!….oh, well. The  Ally just got nailed by the Arizona border patrol. And…if you actually get any of those Dennis Miller- style references, then, man, are you ever in the right place.

     Oh wait… Does anyone even know that this is up and running yet? No, they don’t, Mssr. Bonehead, because you haven’t emailed them yet. Can’t, until later. So… sorry. I will go hide behind my handy Legal Disclaimer that I invented yesterday, just for times like this. So I consider myself only marginally responsible for….this.

     See you tomorrow.

     Wait- Here’s an idea. A thirty-something woman begins to realize that she is developing ESP.

     Okay, see you tomorrow. Really.

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