.36 or .44?…

With so much ado about Leadville lately, Rag residents were quite pleased to receive Doc Holliday at the gates this morning. He says he’s just feeling nostalgic for the old place, and Roland is thrilled to have another gun enthusiast on board. Doc ‘s never seen shell casings before, and Roland can’t figure out how to reload Doc’s nickel-plated 1851 Colt Navy revolvers. The trick , says Doc, is…don’t bother. Even for a experienced guy, it still takes four or five minutes to reload a cap-and-ball. Just keep extra pre-loaded cylinders on hand, and reload them later on, when things quiet down a bit. Says he got that from a guy who served in Bedford-Forrest’s cavalry. They’d go into a charge with a revolver in each hand ( 12 shots ), and always admired how dashing the Yankees looked with their sabers flashing, just before they shot them out of their saddles.

Doc is wondering if we might consider having Joseph and Millie working from his old hang in Leadville. It was called Hyman’s then; now Doc Holliday’s Bar and Grill. I said that I thought that the Manhattan or the Silver Dollar had a better look, and he seemed a tad disappointed. He says its OK, though, because he’s my huckleberry…

I quickly change the subject.” Were his Colts .36, or .44 cal.? No one seems to know”,  I say. He snorts derisively. ” .36, of course. Colt Navy? Ring a bell? Shorter barrel, lighter, faster? As in ” not Army? Hello? Hellooo?”

” Where were you brought up, son? Ever use one of these before?”

” Rhode Island”, I say. ” I’ve got a Remington .36, I like the reinforced band  and the safety setting on the cylinder. Colts don’t have that.” 

Colts don’t have that”  he sneers. ” What, are you afraid somebody might get hurt with it, girlie? Think you might shoot yourself in the foot, farm hand? Grow up, get a real gun…Rhode Island? I ought to plug you just for that, you useless farmhand immigrant mule. Go for it, punk. Make my day…just make sure the safety’s not on…”

” Excuse me, Mr. Holliday, I’d rather you didn’t misquote from other sources. It’ s confusing for our readers.”

” I will confuse your readers even further by killing you and taking over this blog. Just like I took that line from Dirty Harry. An actor, for God’s sake. And no Oscar Wilde, if I do say so. Oscar ever tell you who shot the piano player? Yeah, that’s right, farm hand…do the math…now get me some coffee before I turn into a goat…