Editor’s Desk…

Just wanted to give a quick welcome to a few new readers, and a short explanation of how this blog is set up; should help to alleviate initial confusion.

This is a two-column blog. One column is comprised of Posts, which is what you’re reading right now. The other column consists of the Work Area, where you and everyone else on the planet is invited to assist in the writing of a collaborative novel. The work is well under way, and so far we have offerings from four writers, myself included. You are certainly encouraged and welcome to take part. There are rules involved; they are posted in the ” About the Rag” footnote. Current additions are submitted as comments in Work Area #2, under reply.

To mention one curiosity for the sake of new readers; Posts are listed in reverse order. The most current one is what you’ll see when you first check in; the first one ever is at the very bottom of the list.This makes it a bit harder for the reader if I use Posts to tell a concurrent theme or story ( as I am currently), because the entries appear backwards.

I am currently using the Post area to highlight the town of Leadville CO, where the novel that is being written takes place.

So… the Post area runs alongside of the Work area ( where the novel is ). The Posts are written solely by me and are generally likely to support the novel as it goes along. ( This explains why the Opera House in Leadville is about to be inhabited by a motley crue of interesting dead people). Posts are like my own personal finger-painting area; good fun and good therapy.

You are also welcome to reply to any post in the way of a comment. Always good to get feedback. Go ahead and be critical if you like; I’ll just ask Doc and Roland to go out and discuss it with you. ( See? That is an example of a teaser, and now you’re supposed to go back through the  posts to find out who the hell they are, and what that even means). I reserve the right to make up terminology as I go along; that’s one of the benefits of being the Editor.

So, welcome again, and thanks for your patronage. And please consider getting involved in the writing; there is nothing quite as terrifying as writing something and hitting the “submit” button for the first time, knowing that your words are smeared across eternity for …well, eternity. ( Unless, of course, you ask me to edit something out).


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