Ramifications. They’re everywhere. All over the damn place.

Here’s a few that come to mind right away;

– Which direction on Rt. 24 are Jimmy and Wanda going in? Huge.

-Is Office Stanton still with us? If so, what did he see? Also huge.

DS1 surprised the hell out of me again. Twice, no less. Once, with Scott getting the gun; and again, with Wanda getting the gun. And Clark got me the other day. You look at a scenario and think that there aren’t that many variations on where it might go. Wow. Damn. Jeez. What? Come on! Wait! Who?

It’s fun, actually, in that terrifying kind of way. And in a relatively short time, the probable direction of this thing has changed drastically.

So… the bike drives off in the distance; and this seems like a good time to call it a chapter, take a deep breath, and possibly re-direct.

The next entry will start Chapter Three. We could follow the bike, look back in town, focus on the road scene, check with the bad guys…or something entirely unexpected that will have my damned mouth hanging open…again. What? No way! How? Are you freaking kidding me?