Is It Soup Yet?…

Well…after several attempts at a coherent post, here it is Monday morning; and I find myself in much the same frame of mind as last week.

Undecided about where to proceed with the Leadville saga; whether to cap it as a short story, or leave it as is on the premise that it may yet make the turn into a novel. This is intriguing to me personally, because I had started a work of my own a few years back, and essentially the same thing happened.

It will stay as it is for now. No need for undue haste. ‘ Leadville’ could possibly be critiqued as is, and I’ve been poking around with writer’s workshop sites that will do just that, in exchange for my reviews of other’s works. Very curious as to how it might read to an unbiased bystander. Scary.

So. I will leave it as is. It may yet be worked on again, so it remains untouched. Have to wait to see if it begins to’ glow’ again, indicating an idea that just can’t wait to be attended to.  If you can remember the old bit from Star Trek the Ancient TV Series where someone being beamed to somewhere else begins to glow in that tingly sort of way…it’s like that. Sort of. The thing justs starts to write itself somehow, and you’re just holding on to the coattails. Time will tell.

In the meantime…a new idea for a collaboration may magically present itself. The only rule that would stand is the’ multiple-of fifty words’ rule. All else is fluid. No restrictions or constraints; we’ll just see what works and what doesn’t, as we go. ( We already know, to some extent.)  So if you should notice any ideas lying around that suddenly seem like they’re about to be beamed to another planet, see if you can’t redirect them here to the Rag. Just leave a description of the idea as a comment, or email me at

Thanks to all who contributed to the Leadville project, and  especially to DS1 for a nicely done short-story ending; and should you stay on for comments/posts, you would be the only other Rag denizen with an actual pulse. The Opera House is awash with speculation.

And now that all at the Rag know about Star Trek ‘tingling’, they want to head over to the Golden Burro again and try to show up on the webcam. Chelsea really wants to try out the potato salad…


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