Re: the List…

Here’s what I know for sure. ( No…stop that.)

Here’s what I think I know for sure. ( Better…keep going…)

Here’s what I would really like to know for sure. ( Closer…good…)

Here’s what I would really like to believe I once knew for sure. ( That’s it!!)


All right then. It’s time to have another crack at the list.


Here it is again;

Reap What You Sow

As Above, So Below


An Eye for an Eye



Do Unto Others


And here is a bit of background concerning how this list seems to have assembled itself. Over a rather long period of time, I began to take note of things ( list items ) that all seemed to have some obtuse quality in common; that inherent echo of what most would perceive as ‘truth.’

And in spite of all the list items being from a very widely different array of sources, they all hold that ‘ echo’ quality in common; hence the saying ‘ it rings true’ ?

That’s how the list started. And what is most important is not what historic era or culture they derive from, but the discernable echo that each provides. This also indicates that the list is not complete, and by nature could never be. There are likely many things that could make it onto such a list; but this one is mine ( so far…)

 I suspect that we like people all have our own personally tailored  ways of perceiving those echoes, and also of interpreting them. And that is precisely when things usually begin to get very dicy and complicated. So; I’ll jump right in while there’s a bit of clarity to be had.


All the list items come from very widely diverse sources. ” Reap what You Sow” and “An Eye for an Eye” both stem from the Old Testament; ” As Above, So Below” is a reference from Aleister Crowley in regard to the use of magic; ” Yin/ Yang”  is from Taoism; ” Action/ Reaction” refers to Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

These five items in particular have much in common.

They share what I’ve come to think of as a presumption of balance. What I mean by that is this;

If something occurs that sets forces in motion, then those forces will ultimately return to a state of rest, of passivity. To be in a passive state of resolved motion, of resolved energies, of resolved anything is their natural order, and they will return to that balance.


To properly consider any of those first five items, you must begin with the observation that, in each case, a state of passivity and balance was disturbed. The inherent implication of each is that the restoration of balance is an absolute.

In this regard, each list item could be seen to be structured as a simple mathematical equation. An equation is not considered ‘solved’ unless the elements on each side of  “=” are resolved to one another; in balance once again.

It’s quite the same for those first five items; they’re all about balance being restored. The inherent ‘ truth’ that they share is founded on you ( the observer) being absolutely cognizant of that certainty. That’s what ‘echoes’ back to us when we consider any of them from a philosophic or moral standpoint ( even though some of them had very different connotations when they were first known.)  They all presume your observation of the state of rest or passivity as being the original state, as the natural state.

And they each in their own way instruct that the state of balance and rest will be absolutely restored, if in fact it has been disturbed.

The thread that I’ve been trying to get to in regard to these five is very elusive. I’ve long since decided for myself that the evidence of spiritual or philosophic truths lies in their utter stark simplicity, and the crux of the human condition is rooted in our tendency to chronically overlook the obvious.  Humans have always shown a tendency to extrapolate on such matters, constantly moving away from the source of the ‘ echo’ ; constantly adding complexities to our perceptions.

These five items are all taken from widely differing cultures and applications; that is of no value here. The thread they have in common is much, much more important than any other aspect. And it is so very disarmingly simple that you will miss it, go back and look for it again and again, feel it to be ever just out of your grasp. Occult.

All things will resolve themselves whether we understand their process or not. Our understanding is not prerequisite to anything at all.

Some of the items come from religion; some from philosophy; some from physics and science; one from ” occult studies’ ( for lack of a better term).

And with all this in mind, allow me to make an outlandish claim;

They’re all describing exactly the same thing.

The differences, if you see any, are in your own perceptions and prejudices.

I know you don’t agree. How could you? That’s preposterous.

Just allow me a few indulgences, if you can.

Give yourself a few minutes to gather all your objections together, whatever they are.

Now visualize yourself putting them all into a paper bag.

Now, visualize putting the bag down on the ground at your feet.

Now turn and walk away.

Now… think of the items on the list again. If you can look past your objections, then you’ll stand a much better chance of seeing beyond the items themselves, to the thread in common.

And if that happens, I suppose you might find a few chestnuts of your own, for your own list. If you do, please let me know; send me a comment. I’d be very intrigued to see what other people find.

After a brief respite, I’ll have a look at the heavy artillery on my list; Karma and Do Unto Others. Neither seems primarily concerned with balance, per se, but with consequences.

And don’t I know it…

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It seemed to start off so well.

It had the potential to be sublimely balanced, well thought out, almost poetic. It took a while to complete, and as my habit is to write things rather quickly to avoid excessive rumination, I was actually quite worn out at the end.

And I decided to do something that I had not done before in this blog-writing thing; I waited.

It didn’t seem quite right anyway. It felt a little rushed, a little forced at the end. And as I had always heard that ‘ real ‘ writers always hold off, I thought I would too. Just this once. I was done, I’d just hit the ‘ publish ‘ button in the morning, maybe a bit of a tweak just before sending it into the cosmos.

The next morning, I sat down to go over it. No anticipated issues; I usually really like my own stuff and enjoy looking it over again. So I started to read.

It started with a list. The items on the list all had a very key element in common, and that element was the core of the piece. After stylistically illuminating the core theme, the piece moved on to frame an exquisitely delicate philosophic conclusion based on the core theme.

In an alternate universe, that may very well have happened. I certainly hope to God it did.

Because what I was looking at was just….bloody freaking awful. And I don’t mean ” oh, this just needs a little something over here…or ” I’ll just rephrase that…”

No, no. I mean ” Oh Mother of God someone got into this and changed it what happened to this and how did they get in here I”ll kill the fuckers I hate computers I will find them the bastards will die…”

That sort of thing. And a lot of nervous looking around and making little high-pitched squeaks in your throat. And looking out the windows. For what, for God’s sake?? Russian spies sitting in an old car with smoke pouring out the windows? For my evil sister-in-law, sitting behind a newspaper on a park bench… that wasn’t there yesterday?

Oh no… that would have made some small, if unlikely, shred of linear…sense…sort of…

No. This was just me, alone in a room and reading what I put up there the day before.

It was terrible. It read like Jane Fonda, Newt Gingrich, Hitler, and Dr Seuss had all gotten together to form a cult, and elected Ayn Rand to run it. Atlas would have shrugged, but he didn’t want anything to do with this pile. He was probably down the street hanging with the Russian spies.

In panicked-embarassed-hurry-up-before-anyone-sees-this mode, I started to edit. I never edit. I edit as I go along, if at all. I took out a sentence, then two, then a paragraph… and finally ended up with the list that I started with.

I feel like a kid who’s had three violin lessons, and suddenly decides to go for the Paganini. What could go wrong?

Here’s the list.

Reap what you Sow

As Above, So Below

– Yin/ Yang

An Eye for an Eye

Action/ Reaction ( Newton’s Third Law )


Do Unto Others

It’s a good list. There is some serious ju-ju going on in that list. It just needs somebody with the right chops to have at it. What is the one factor that they all have in common? And if someone else can see it too, then by all means…

Anyone out there is welcome to try. I’ll have another go myself, when the blog-post gods think I can handle it.

Just make sure the windows are drawn, doors locked… no old cars outside…

And count the park benches.













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