It seemed to start off so well.

It had the potential to be sublimely balanced, well thought out, almost poetic. It took a while to complete, and as my habit is to write things rather quickly to avoid excessive rumination, I was actually quite worn out at the end.

And I decided to do something that I had not done before in this blog-writing thing; I waited.

It didn’t seem quite right anyway. It felt a little rushed, a little forced at the end. And as I had always heard that ‘ real ‘ writers always hold off, I thought I would too. Just this once. I was done, I’d just hit the ‘ publish ‘ button in the morning, maybe a bit of a tweak just before sending it into the cosmos.

The next morning, I sat down to go over it. No anticipated issues; I usually really like my own stuff and enjoy looking it over again. So I started to read.

It started with a list. The items on the list all had a very key element in common, and that element was the core of the piece. After stylistically illuminating the core theme, the piece moved on to frame an exquisitely delicate philosophic conclusion based on the core theme.

In an alternate universe, that may very well have happened. I certainly hope to God it did.

Because what I was looking at was just….bloody freaking awful. And I don’t mean ” oh, this just needs a little something over here…or ” I’ll just rephrase that…”

No, no. I mean ” Oh Mother of God someone got into this and changed it what happened to this and how did they get in here I”ll kill the fuckers I hate computers I will find them the bastards will die…”

That sort of thing. And a lot of nervous looking around and making little high-pitched squeaks in your throat. And looking out the windows. For what, for God’s sake?? Russian spies sitting in an old car with smoke pouring out the windows? For my evil sister-in-law, sitting behind a newspaper on a park bench… that wasn’t there yesterday?

Oh no… that would have made some small, if unlikely, shred of linear…sense…sort of…

No. This was just me, alone in a room and reading what I put up there the day before.

It was terrible. It read like Jane Fonda, Newt Gingrich, Hitler, and Dr Seuss had all gotten together to form a cult, and elected Ayn Rand to run it. Atlas would have shrugged, but he didn’t want anything to do with this pile. He was probably down the street hanging with the Russian spies.

In panicked-embarassed-hurry-up-before-anyone-sees-this mode, I started to edit. I never edit. I edit as I go along, if at all. I took out a sentence, then two, then a paragraph… and finally ended up with the list that I started with.

I feel like a kid who’s had three violin lessons, and suddenly decides to go for the Paganini. What could go wrong?

Here’s the list.

Reap what you Sow

As Above, So Below

– Yin/ Yang

An Eye for an Eye

Action/ Reaction ( Newton’s Third Law )


Do Unto Others

It’s a good list. There is some serious ju-ju going on in that list. It just needs somebody with the right chops to have at it. What is the one factor that they all have in common? And if someone else can see it too, then by all means…

Anyone out there is welcome to try. I’ll have another go myself, when the blog-post gods think I can handle it.

Just make sure the windows are drawn, doors locked… no old cars outside…

And count the park benches.













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  1. Damn straight there’s some “serious ju-ju” goin’ on there mister:) There are 7 items in your list. 7
    Go look that up.
    Seems to me you should write 7 posts. Each of which should be titled and written as they are listed above. In that order.
    Personally, I would leave the windows open, unlock the doors and secretly hope there is an old car outside. LOL
    I double dare ya!

  2. HEY! WTF, Buddy! I read your blog, left a thoughtful comment and what? No response in 4 days!
    ….you break my heart Fredo….

  3. hey, want to go fishing?

  4. (foot tap, tap, tapping)
    I will return each and every day until I see the first of your 7 posts beginning with “Reap what you Sow”.
    Did I say every day? Why yes, yes I did.

  5. (tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…)

  6. Ok, ok…I’ll start…soon…maybe tomorrow…

  7. hmph…been 2 days….guess I’ll need to adhere to my original itinerary…..

  8. Damn. Had to step away from this for a few days, and that elusive thread I’ve been chasing slid away again. It’ll be back, and I’ll grab it. It’s not magic. It’s just physics. Or a little magic too. Or math. A lot of math. My head hurts.

  9. OK…ya wore me down. lol
    I can relate, though I believe there is a fair amount of magic to it:)
    As of today, there are 3 drafts sitting in the basement at GirlieOnTheEdge.
    Wherefore art inspiration….?

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