The List…

For your convenience:

Reap what you Sow

As Above, So Below

Yin/ Yang

An Eye for An Eye

Action/ Re-Action


Do Unto Others

And a quick re-cap:

Having discussed the first five list items previously, I had hoped to somehow illustrate that the fundamental elements of those five are so fundamental that they actually reflect the exact same thing, the same root value; and that we chronically and consistently miss the point. We overshoot the mark by our very nature, and will insist on overcomplication at every turn.

Because it can’t possibly be that simple.
And rather than strive to reach a level of understanding by always extrapolating on those themes, we should be doing just exactly the opposite. We should be trying to break it all down and make it simpler; admittedly, an almost impossible task.

After all; little kids, babies, and animals already know this stuff cold.  Because their tendency is to trust, to take things according to what they already know, and nothing more. It takes a while for that pristine innocence to be corrupted; but we adults are good at what we do, and we’ll get to all of them in time. We’ll spoil the babies, corrupt the toddlers, alienate the teenagers, and slaughter the animals.

But there is still a ray of hope left on this list. The last two items have connotations that leave the others pale in comparison.

Karma…Quite exactly like the others, the concept of karma is rooted in balance. If something is out of balance, it will right itself. It’s not an abstraction. It’s more of a math equation with teeth.

It does have that somewhat foreboding moral overtone, and this is where it differs from the first five items.

It’s awfully simple; set good energy in motion, get good energy back, and typically with more to spare. There’s a regenerative element associated with this, but in an entirely neutral  manner; set bad energy in motion…and you will have your ignorant ass handed back  to you, cut into beautiful julienne strips. Exquisite knife work; any chef would be proud.

The seed of the moral lesson here is, as always, so disarmingly simple that many/ most people will miss it; and spend much valuable time trying to sort out what seems to be wrong. You have choices ; you should make your choices responsibly; karma will ultimately restore everything to its original state of balance.

The lesson? Do good stuff, get even more good stuff in return. Do bad stuff, get pounded relentlessly. It  has always been in plain sight; it has always been just that simple.

And we have, every last one of us, known that…all along.

Last on the list…Do Unto Others.


Black the Sky…

A few weeks ago, I was making one of my rummage runs through Salvation Army, looking for old audio, albums, old cd’s…you know…stuff.

I found a nice old pair of AKG K140 headphones ( 79.99 in 1974…) for $3.00. Nice little find. They needed a bit of a polish, but worked just fine.

And being an ex-poster boy for OCD, I took them home and started listening to all kinds of stuff, just to see how nice things can sound on a good set of cans; listening for production and engineering value,  even more so than the artists. Not just geek; this is dinosaur geek. Old Dinosaur Guy Finds Headphones in Box, Misses Two Weeks of Work. Story at Eleven.

I wish.

And anyway, about three days in, I ran some King’s X.

And kept right on, for about another week. Sure was nice to wallow in the old magic. This is absolutely the most underrated band in our universe. How could they not have gotten what they deserved?

I went to the website after years and years away, just to see what might be going on with them. I was a bit afraid that they might be gone altogether by now.

I found that they had planned a tour for this year, new material in the works, but no New England dates scheduled. Bummer. The last time I had seen them was at the Station in West Warwick, and I remember being crushed against the outside wall and thinking that all that cheap foam that lined the walls and ceiling was just Hell waiting to happen. And not three months later…

Spent this evening listening to ” Gretchen Goes To Nebraska” and just marveling at the recording. It ‘s just so great to get to listen to people having the time of their lives, and careers. Then I thought I would check the website again to see if their were any additions or schedule changes for the tour.

The tour has been cancelled.

Jerry Gaskill has had a heart attack. He’s supposedly doing OK after an operation, and is still in ICU.

The band is offering a download of an old Boston show from 1991 in exchange for donations to defray medical expenses. Here’s a link;

If you can help, please do. There couldn’t be a King’s X without Jerry, and I wouldn’t want to fathom a musical world that didn’t have King’s X in it.