For those of you who might care…

Jerry Gaskill ( King’s X ) has recovered well enough from his heart attack to be declared ok to go back to work by his doctors. Yay!!

King’s X will be touring with Kansas, have three gigs booked and adding more. This would prove to be an excellent show if they happen to play through your respective necks of the woods. Come on, dammit, let some of those moths out of that papyrus wallet of  yours and show some support…just sayin’.

On the home front, the hair is filling back in around my styling mishap of last week. Children have stopped racing for the protection of their mother’s aprons ( difficult, there just aren’t that many aprons around any more; typical to see one apron with 46 kids crowded in behind it).

 Not nearly as traumatic as a heart incident, but I still get a little verklempt just thinking about it…

Very good to know that Msrs. Gaskill/Tabor/Pinnock will continue to be out there fighting the good fight.

End transmission.

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  1. stock in Beltone* just went through the damn roof!

    as the writer of a blog, and a clark I have to say (more for King’s X**) dedicated much?
    Is Don Kirshner dead yet, or what!

    (*hearing aids)

  2. I was just considering maybe finding another really old band to post about, was thinking maybe Poco…and realized that there is apparently something fundamentally lethal about being a drummer. They have a higher mortality rate than guys who play Strats and Teles.Hmm…

  3. speaking of Poco there is the DD* in Toto, and, of course the Elder Statesmen of the Dead Set, Keith Moon and John Bonham…

    * Dead Drummer

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