Did You Freaking See That??

I’m a bit long in the tooth for this, but…

I think I have some brand- new heroes.

Nope. Not guitar players. Nobody musical.

Admittedly nothing to match the scale set by Generals T. Jackson or P. Cleburne.

Not Bird/ McHale/ Parrish/ Ainge/ Johnson, either.  They seem a bit pedestrian in comparison. Nope…

It’s girls.

Young girls.

Young girls playing soccer.

In the Olympics.

Just watched the US and Canada in the semi- final match; the winner plays Japan.

I don’t quite understand this game. In American football, at least there are shoulder pads, and rules that offer some level of protection. These people don’t need no stinking protection.

I’ve honestly never seen anything like that.

And I’ve been here for quite a while now.

I’d recommend watching a replay of that game, even if ( like me ) you don’t know much about it.

And the final is on Thursday.

It should be just a little less dramatic than Okinawa.


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