Friday night at 2000 hrs ( 8 pm for civilians), and I’m at work. I’ve been doing Friday 3-11’s lately. One of the few who is maniacally responsible enough to show up for duty with a blizzard en route. There are 5 of us here tonight; 2 security, 2 maintenance, 1 engineer. On my security cameras, I’m watching payloaders, backhoes, and a Bobcat ( I so really want one of those…only$ 36,000) trying to keep the connector roads and parking lots clear. Better to move 6 inches of snow 8 times rather than move 3 feet all at once. Have to feel bad for those guys, though. They’ll be going straight through all day tomorrow, at least. It’s snowing sideways at about 60 mph. The building was just officially closed through Monday morning, and there is a full road ban in place ( arrests, fines, and prison time?!! ) Security’s relief has already called out to report for work ( no surprises there )-which means we will certainly be here until the world re-opens. The power is dipping on and off, but there is a huge backup diesel generator that’s supposed to be able to run for a few days. Otherwise, Metlife would would not only lose fax and phone lines, but there would be a threat to the data center. That would be the downside to having converted the acres of paper files to electronic storage. Snoopy will be really pissed. That damned thing better kick in when it’s supposed to. We’ll find out shortly. A large tree just came down and blocked one of the roads off. One less to plow. On the plus side; us security guys brought enough supplies to live through a nuclear strike, and I also brought a fold-up cot, two woolen blankets and a wheat-hull pillow. So no one has to sleep sitting up in an office chair. ( I am such a mother hen- old re-enactor habits.) And, the Chief Engineer phoned in permission giving us access to the full kitchen. So, I’m thinking… fire up a grill, maybe sirloin steaks with sauteed mushroom and onion in a white garlic sauce. Maybe special details aren’t so bad after all. Always wanted to try cooking on a commercial grill. Grill’s hot. Check with you later.


A little ambitious on the sirloin steak idea; but did manage shaved steak with mushroom/onion/hot Italian peppers/ melted provolone on toasted rolls.

Pretty damned good. Breakfast, I believe, will be omelettes with hash browns.

Not the big puffy American– style ones…the thin French ones ala Julia Child. With their choice of fillings, of course. That’s the whole idea. Thank you, Julia…

I’d like to be able to say ” do you want fries with that”, but I’m not sure how to get one of the deep- fryers working. Wouldn’t want to mess up and accidentally summon the fire department on a night like this. Not to mention being summarily dismissed from security.

But then maybe I could work in the kitchen…

Maybe we’ll just go with chips instead. And I’d better get started on a lunch menu…


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  1. Wow! You’re very own “shining” opportunity. But without the bloodshed. LOL There’s part of me, the born and raised New Englander part, that actually envies the occasional blizzard from hell – everyone goes into lockdown mode, suspend reality as you know it and just…be somewhere different. I for one could use one of those!
    Hope you stashed one of those tall white chef hats in your overnight bag:)
    The rogerina thing to say at this juncture is “be safe” however, I will merely say “have fun”!!!

  2. Um…wasn’t implying rogers are all girls…the detail block was obscuring my visibility. One should read as: ‘the rogerian thing to….”
    P.S. If any sledding is to happen wear extra padding!!

    • Understood. But still…I think we should certainly designate Julia Child as being First Rogerina. She set such a fine example for the long line of hopeful Rogerinas to follow afterward.
      I don’t know what that means, really, but the term seems to have an awfully nice ring to it.
      1320 hrs and still at work. The novelty of commercial-grade cooking has worn thin. One can only approximate a proper French omelette on a grill, and thank God for my superior spatula skills or all would have been lost. And these people have no appreciation to speak of. They simply shoveled my creation into lightly grilled flour tortillas, which actually worked very well.
      I’ll call them ” Julia’s Emergency Tacos.” With one or two of these for sustenance and a decent bottle of wine or two, even the First Rogerina could have survived a frontier outpost.

  3. Outpost boy! Your buddy Clark at the Wakefield Doctrine nominated you for a blogging award today. How’s about it? Seems time for more words don’t you think?:D

    • OK, OK…

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