11 Questions?…

Well this sounds like fun. Kind of a chain letter. Sadly, though, the chain breaks with me because I don’t even know 11 other bloggers to send questions to. I will nonetheless answer the 11 and try to think of 11 more.

I suppose I would know 11 others if I were on Facebook, but I am likely the only person on the planet right now who believes that Facebook will be the straw that destroys Western civilization.

I know that sounds kind of right-wing nutjob, and if anything I’m more like a left-wing nutjob, but I aspire to become more of a centrist nutjob.

Still, anyone that I make that statement to always agrees …then goes on Facebook to gossip about the nutjob they just talked to. Then they show you their vacation photos, tell you what they are about to have for lunch, then describe just about where yesterday’s lunch is in their intestinal tract, then it’s a list of pharmaceuticals that Jimmy the paper boy has in stock this week, and then finally who the real father is to the pregnant 15-year old from three doors down.

Now, I don’t know, but I’ve been told…she gets her pharmaceuticals for free. Just sayin.’ Child support, 21st century-style. Caring, responsible parenthood.

I know they’ll be good parents because their parents said so on Facebook. Course, they’re all divorced now…but they met on Facebook, so they’ll always be in touch.

And, I’m getting really tired of people who keep sayin’ ” just sayin.” So I’m not sayin’ anymore.

And… I really do sound like a nutjob. A well-balanced one, though. Centrist.

Anyhow… on to the 11 questions.

1) Rodney Graham. Until the day I caught two consecutive line drives of his playing baseball, and he punched me several times. End of our friendship, and my baseball career.

2) Richard Boyce. Truly the worst bass player who has ever lived, yet he continued on valiantly. An inspirational example of perseverance.

3) After hiring Richard as their new bass player, they disappeared.

4) Zen and the Art of Bass Playing. Seriously. Because it really and truly is all about the journey, not the end result.

5) Yes.

6) Glory ( 1989, Denzel, Matthew, Cary, Morgan)

7) Twilight Zone ( but who gets to be Rod…)

8) None. Hard to believe, but there it is.

9) One…as always…

10) The ones with the bathtubs. I just don’t get the bathtub thing.

11) I’ll take the fifth on that one.

My 11 soon to follow…


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