Mr. Monk and the Old Man…

I am the Old Man in question ( a reference to the last post ), and Mr. Monk refers to a wonderful TV series that ran from 2002- 2009. There was actually an episode titled ” Mr. Monk and the Old, Old Man”, so there’s a small inside joke there.

My niece Olivia would probably get it. Monk was one of our favorite programs. Even at her age then ( 8-9 ), she understood the humor.

It was premised on the idea of a retired police detective who serves as a consultant to the San Francisco PD;  who also suffers from an extreme case of OCD, along with several severe phobias.

Sure doesn’t sound very appealing; but in addition to being a very well-put-together detective show, Monk had a constant undercurrent of dark humor that was always understated, and never presented at the expense of the main character.

Tony Shaloub portrayed Adrian Monk, and was nominated for eight Emmys. He won three of them. The program received a great many awards.

The last episode still holds the record for viewership of a cable-tv program; 9.4 million.

We stopped watching after the finale, even though it has been in syndication ever since. But recently, we happened to watch a few ( more as a gentle reminder of Olivia, whom we don’t see as a result of estranged relations with her parents ).

I am pleased to report that Monk is always terrific, in a kind of Monty Python or Dress to Kill ( Eddie Izzard ) sort of way. You know it by heart, will recite favorite bits to other fans, and to anyone else who will put up with it.

If you have never indulged, may I heartily recommend it.

It carries a full five-star rating from Olivia.

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