A Day Late…

Better than never, I suppose.

Saturday morning at work, and I have the legacy of being able to run a laptop and do some stuff.

I just checked a few blog links, saw the ” Finish the Sentence ” I thought I was cool when” thing, and this immediately came to mind.


The year 2000; a bright sunny summer day. I am in the backyard with my 2-yr. old niece Olivia. She is in her bathing suit, and happily splashing away in her little round wading pool. There are pool toys everywhere, enough that they couldn’t all fit in there with her.

She had developed some sort of hierarchy to sort this out; only the special ones were allowed in the pool with her, and I never quite understood how certain ones made the cut. Should you try to put one of the bad ones in, she would immediately throw it as far away from the pool as she could. That’s not to say that you could put them away completely; they had their place in the outer perimeter, and that’s where they were supposed to be. Fair enough; the world order of a 2-year old is a very exacting place.

And because she would be in and out of the pool approximately 9000 times a day, we had gotten her a pair of  little red rubber-soled shoes to protect her while she was going back and forth. She liked them a lot, and wore them constantly.

I was always nearby, poking around in my garden, ever vigilant. My main function was to change the pool water out when too much grass got in there.

And because I was in and out of the garden about 9000 times a day, I had gotten myself a very inexpensive pair of rubber-soled shoes to keep from stepping on rocks and the occasional bit of glass. Other than being a different color, they were the same shoes that Olivia had.

And at one point, I was standing just outside the garden, and Olivia was standing just outside of her pool. She noticed my shoes.

She looked down at hers…then at mine…and again. And looking up, in a very matter-of -fact voice, said ” Nice shoes, Rog…” And then back into the pool.

Total acceptance and equality from a 2- year old.

Very cool.

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