Bird’s Eye…

Loitering? Is that what they’re doing?

Another Sunday at work, and I am spending the morning watching local wildlife on security cameras. When people aren’t around, there is usually a remarkable variety to be able to observe.

Today, it’s turkeys. About 40 of them.

I think it must be mating season. The males are all circling and parading around in full plumage, very concerned as to who is standing where, and what the girls are doing.

The girls apparently couldn’t care less. They will allow themselves to be herded together, or gathered, or whatever this is. But as soon as the males circle out just a bit too far, they will either wander off, or will go and join another pre-herded group. The males are seemingly very territorial, and keep some sort of pre-measured distance from one another.

Which indicates… that the girls are doing it on purpose. This, I think, is the turkey equivalent of human girls in night clubs going to the bathroom together; it’s just meant to re-arrange the arrangements that the males think have already been made.

And even though the males are quite wary of one another, they are very suddenly now doing something that reminds me of a Civil-War era infantry line; an albino turkey has just arrived, and is literally being driven away from the group by four males who have formed a perfectly straight shoulder-to shoulder wall, and have forced the albino far off to one side.

This is extremely politically incorrect. There is apparently no level of equality among turkeys at all. I wonder what they are finding so objectionable.

Now they have returned to their original positions; the albino circles around for a flank approach; the girls have taken advantage of the interruption to disband completely, and it looks like the entire process begins anew.

That may have been the albino’s plan all along.

I wonder how long this elaborate process takes to complete; hours…days…weeks?

I also hope that what I’m observing is actually a formal process of some kind. It would be very weird to consider that they’re just hanging out on a Sunday, and this is what turkeys get up to when no one is around.

Well, they’re moving off into the woodline now. Maybe they just come out in the open for the sake of the dance, and then take the rest of the day off.

To do what, exactly?

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