You Must Remember This?…

In the mood to throw a music post up here, just because I’ve been listening to stuff lately.

This happens simply because the weather is warm,  and I’m out digging in my garden. I always bring stuff to listen to so I don’t notice how tedious the work is.

Here is what I listened to all day;

Stage Fright ( The Band )

Cahoots ( The Band )

Led Zeppelin ( 1st album )

The Inner Mounting Flame ( Mahavishnu Orchestra )

Two movie soundtracks; Glory and Cold Mountain

Joshua Judges Ruth ( Lyle Lovett )

Glad Rag Doll ( Diana Krall )

Aja ( Steely Dan )

Obviously, I have musical tastes similar to those of a crew member from an 18th-century whaling ship. And after perusing the I- Phone playlist of a young friend from work… I am so very glad of it. It’s a lonely little planet that I inhabit, but I quite prefer it.

Today I happened to hear an old Pink Floyd track on the radio; ” Learning to Fly“. This came out in 1987.

I was working in the audio dept. of a Lechmere store at that time, and had just finished setting up a new display; a set of Acoustic Research TSW9 speakers, driven by a Carver C-1 preamp and 1.0 power amp.  It was recommended by the Carver rep to use the newly released ” A Momentary Lapse Of Reason” as a demo.

There is a stunningly effective subterrannian bass line in ” Learning to Fly ” that no one ever hears because most equipment that people listen to music with can’t handle it. ( No. The tiny little bud-style earphones that are widely used today will not do it. ) But it has always been there…waiting.

And with some decent stuff…Carver…AR…Marantz…etc…between the bass line moving the earth underneath you, and the angel choir background vocals overhead, it is breathtaking…. freaking awesome. Huge fun. And not necessarily loud; it was always much more about clean. As in ” no distortion.”

I really miss that in today’s world…but we recall the days of Audio fondly on my little planet.

Today’s Audio Trivia Question (s);

Here is a list of guitar players; one of them does not fit with the others. Who, and Why? ( clue; watch the videos )

– David Gilmour

– Hendrix

– Bonnie Raitt

-Jimmy Page

Stevie Ray Vaughn

– Eric Clapton

– Ritchie Blackmore

– John Mayer

– Buddy Guy

– Jeff Beck

( one more clue; if you know half the people on this list, you probably passed away five years ago, and no one has told you yet..)

Well, I’ll be outside digging in the dirt…later.


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  1. Jimmy Page…

  2. …what is the prize? Come on there must be a prize!

  3. It’s always about the delivery system, isn’t it? 😀
    You realize of course that the accoutics in your garden will have changed by mid-summer. And did you even stop to think about the effects your playlist might have….huh?!
    Too eclectic a mix and you might have one fine freakshow of a mutant garden in oh, I don’t know, 6 or 8 weeks.
    Now get out of that dirt and tell us what the prize is.

  4. Prize??
    My unfailing admiration, I suppose, will not suffice.
    Are you sure it’s Page??
    I should think a Doctrine hat for a damned head would be in order, but on this condition; whatever the hat has highlighted, that’s what you have to act like while wearing it. Whaddya got in the box, there, Scooter?
    Garden acoustics…that probably explains why it looks like a Pixar movie out there by August.

  5. me go with that little clark Jimmy Page ’cause ain’t nobody seen him play a Strat
    …now consider this: how many of thems is clarks and who is the rogers (and are there any scotts)

    Bonus question: is there a relationship between personality types and degree of commercial success?

    • Buddy guy is the scott
      Mayer,raitt,blackmore,clapton,beck all rogers

      • agree with all but the Beck as a roger…

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