Hey! Don’t Forget The Really Old Guys…

And the Award for First Use of An Electrified Guitar In Public goes to;


Gage Brewer; Wichita, Kansas, 1932 ( with some help from George Beauchamp and Adolf Rickenbacker )

Charlie Christian; with the Benny Goodman band, early 1930’s

Chet Atkins claimed to have been using an electrified guitar on ” the kerosene circuit ” in the 1930’s

Who can say for sure? But before there were Les Pauls, Telecasters, Strats, and all the rest…there were full hollow-body guitars with contact sensors of various kinds being attached to them.

Gibson always had an edge where these were concerned, having so much experience with acoustic instruments. And now, we have several big names ( Gibson, Gretsch, Ibanez ) and a great many smaller shops and luthiers dedicated to this genre.

I have a very inexpensive Korean- made Douglas hollowbody that I play almost exclusively these days. I plan to replace the pickups that aren’t very good, but the body itself is quite good.

These guitars have a very sweet and responsive tone of their own, and I play it without an amp most of the time.

So is it electric, or not?

I have to go find that chicken….


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