All Hail…

firebirdThe Gibson Firebird…

A very iconic 60’s Gibson model, originally meant to give battle to the Stratocaster with either Gibson’s P-90 single-coil pickups or the Epiphone- designed mini-humbuckers.

I was watching That Metal Show this morning, and mention was made of a band called Rival Sons. I cued up a video, and lo and behold….

A gorgeous blue Firebird VII. An excellent band, very old-school Zeppelin-esque.

Very refreshing stuff, highly recommended.

As a clueless youth, I had two Firebirds; both were traded off for something else at the time. The reasons are no longer recalled, doesn’t matter anyway…idiocy. If only there was a functioning adult to intervene…ah, well.

These have a wonderful voice of their own, somewhere in between the sharp brightness of typical Fender and the warm depth of  typical Gibson.

The most well-known Firebird player is Johnny Winter. But there have been many…Sonny Landreth, Keith Richards, Brian Jones…the Black Crowes …lots.

Somewhat ungainly to actually play…not particularly well- balanced. This is likely why they’re not seen more often.

So? Get a locking strap, shut the !#@$ up and play.

Firebird people are a unique bunch. Go find some Firebird music and see what I mean.

And start it off with the Rival Sons…

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