Aw, Snap…

I really wanted to be able to write that it had never happened before. That it was a brand new thing under the sun. That would have been just neat to be able to do.

But the damned internet strikes again. I had to go and ask the question.

And consequently found that the thing is not new, and that the central focus of my post had actually done it himself, may have very well been the first to do it.

Eric Van Lustbader has done it, keeping Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne character alive.

Max Allan Collins, too, with Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer.

I speak of Robert B. Parker. His venerable Spenser has been carried forward by Ace Atkins.

And Michael Brandman has continued on with Jesse Stone.

And I am very pleased to report that they’re thankfully good at it.

I recall the uncomfortable and dreadful feeling of finally reading the very last few pages of Sixkill, the last novel written and published by Parker himself. It was like drinking the last few drops of fresh water on a deserted island, and knowing that you’re really truly and forever finished. Done. 

But in some few cases, the work is so strong that it simply cannot perish. Hawk, Spenser, Susan Silverman and Chief Stone are still with us, carried forward like fallen battle flags. The writing style has been meticulously studied and recreated, and serves tremendous honor to the originals. It’s quite like listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn play ‘ Voodoo Chile”. You know it’s different, but the veneration for the style transcends all.

Spenser is still in his Boston…now if only we could get Doc Rivers, Pierce, and Garnett back…



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