Winery Dogs

Being an old, moldy and fungus- encrusted dinosaur guitar player, I don’t get out much anymore. Hardy ever, really. But If I ever do hear of anything that seems to warrant attention, I like to pass it along and spread the word.

I heard of the Winery Dogs a few weeks ago from someone who works in the same building as I do, and used to follow an old band of mine. I finally got around to looking them up, and lo and behold.

Geez. Very refreshing to see someone using a Telecaster in such an unexpected way. A heavily modified Tele, but still.

Great rythym section. Good songwriting, great vocals; Richie Kotzen has a nice Paul Rodgers kind of voice combined with a modernized Michael Schenker sort of guitar playing.

Terrific stuff all around.

Thought I’d pass the word along.

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