(Snappy Title Here…)

So.. it seems that we may approach the grand experiment once again.

This one looks like it will begin as a Denise/Clark/ Roger collaboration. I like the idea because my creativity has certainly been on the wane, and it would be good to have something new to focus on.

As before, I’ll extend an invitation to anyone who would like to give it a shot. It can be a difficult thing, this colab business. You have to try to develop a work completely without prejudice; to maintain the theme that has presented itself without inserting any personal agenda that would force it off course.

And, the point…you learn an awful lot about yourself as you go. And we may end up with a decent story at the end.

But initially, we need a good idea.  So, for the time being, I ‘ll just stick ideas up here should they occur to me, and will suggest that others do so also. Consensus will decide from amongst them.

And here’s my first idea; to write, not a particular idea given by a particular person…but to write in the style of.  Like a cover band doing its best Zeppelin-esque rendition of Communication Breakdown.

Here’s my initial offering; either a detective novel or a murder mystery, done in the style of Robert Parker. This would involve an extremely well- defined central character, very short dialogue- driven chapters, and a very fast pace.

Other writers have already published very successful Spenser and Jesse Stone novels ,  because the world simply must have Parker novels, even if he’s no longer with us. And… they’re really good.

Very, very ambitious. Couldn’t ever work…a Parker-style novel by several writers at once. Who does that?

But then again… walk down any street in the US on a summer night, and count how many garage bands are trying to pound out Communication Breakdown. ( OK, that analogy works fine only if you’re three hundred years old… how about Kanye West trying to find a new Iphone app that will let him rip off a sample of Communication Breakdown and thereby hopefully align himself with people who actually took the time to learn an instrument…

Now where did I leave that other gauntlet…damned things are like socks in the dryer.

Maybe I’ll just throw mismatched socks down instead. I’ve got plenty of those.