Chapter 2…

” I’m sorry. I was looking for a detective agency. My mistake. I must have misread the directory in the lobby.”
” No, no. You’re in the right place. I’m just having a little joke. Please, sit down. I’m Roger Coyne.”

There were two chairs in front of my desk. One held my coat and a briefcase, and the other held Roland the Watchcat, sprawled out in his atypical nap pose. The girl stepped into the room, and I reached over to nudge Roland from his favorite spot.

As few people are aware, cats actually have very expressive countenances. The look of utter disdain and disrespect for me in those venerable feline eyes was unmistakable, and yet she took no notice. Maybe I could shoo him from the chair, or maybe I could lose a hand. It was a choice I considered several times a day. I usually let him keep the chair.

As the girl stepped closer, Roland rolled over on his back and stretched out to full length. Another half- inch and he would have slid off the chair altogether.

His cheap ploy for attention worked. She leaned in and rubbed his stomach with a perfectly proportioned porcelain hand, and then gently nudged him to the floor. He responded by rubbing against her leg as she sat down, and then with a smugly satisfied sidelong glance, sauntered off towards his other favorite place, his food dish. There may have been a few molecules of 9-Lives yet clinging to its surface. Always worth checking.

And then, as I knew he would, he doubled back and jumped up into the girl’s lap. He quickly settled in, while she rubbed his neck and ears.

I knew this had little to do with advancing my failing detective agency’s agenda. He had established a pecking order. I would work for the girl, and the girl would work for him.

And now that things were decided from the feline perspective, I thought I might determine why this magnificent creature had appeared in our doorway.

It was, after all, my name on the sign in the lobby.

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