Chapter 4…

” You’re Jenn’s sister? I haven’t seen her in…three years, almost. How is she?”
” She hasn’t been home for three days now. We are very worried.”
Sudden anxiety confirmed.
” Has anyone heard from her?” I knew that Jenn would never go more than a few hours without checking in with her daughter Kendra. ” Is everyone else OK?”
” Yes, everyone’s fine. Kendra, her daughter, is very upset, and it’s become difficult to comfort her. We are taking turns staying with her now.”
” Local police informed?” That would be North Smithfield. Jenn”s whole family were lifers there. As a matter of fact, the last time I had seen Jenn, she was dating a North Smithfield detective. ” Is she still seeing…Richard, was it?”
” Yes, and no… not seeing Richard much lately. She has continued to meet guys that she finds on the internet. Richard wasn’t real comfortable with that.”

It had been years since I had worked for Jenn with Allied Barton security, and I could clearly remember being worried about the internet dating thing myself. Jenn would not only meet two or three new guys a week, she sometimes met two a day. I remembered being genuinely perplexed at that… how she could continue to go through that uncomfortable process so often. Such a bother. But she liked it. She almost always found much fault with her suitors, often informing them quickly of their failings as prospective dates.
I felt sure she must have made a few enemies along the way, especially if this had been constant this whole time. As a matter of fact, I knew of one particular guy from back then that actually frightened her very badly, and scaring Jenn was not a very easy thing to do. But that was years ago.

Still, I felt as if I had a very good starting point, were I to be involved in this.

” I’m truly sorry to hear of this. How can I help?”

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