Chapter 6….

There were essentially two ways to confirm this girl’s identity; I could take the direct approach, and ask for two forms of ID. Some people found that to be somewhat insulting, and it was generally not a good idea to imply a lack of trust so early on. So I opted to diffract the request by approaching it from another direction. I decided it would be a safe bet that I knew more about this girl’s family than she would have thought.

“Do Jenn and Kendra still live at Aunt Mary’s house?” I asked as I got up to open some 9-Lives for Roland. I could tell that he was impatient to have a quick bite and get right back to cat heaven. I sometimes thought that food and cat heaven were all he really cared about. Actually, I knew that was all he really cared about.

Jenn and Kendra had moved into Aunt Mary’s just after Jenn had started managing security at Metlife. Aunt Mary was in her eighties, and the family had found a reliable assisted -living facility for her to move into. But Jenn had to promise Aunt Mary that she would stay in the house until she got back from her adventure. Of course, no one else really expected her to return; that, and the pants.

” How do you know about Aunt Mary?” I had definitively seized her attention. Take that, Roland.
” I’m the guy who found the pants.”
” That was you??” You could see the dots connecting in her eyes.” You were quite the hero. Jenn told us all about it, and Aunt Mary never would have budged without the damned pants. That was really funny. ”

And there it was.This was definitely Jenn’s sister. She couldn’t possibly have responded to that otherwise.

Aunt Mary had refused to go without new pants. And there was only one kind she ever wore; elastic-waisted uniform pants like you would have in a marching band. God only knows why. And they had to have the piping down the sides.
Jenn had skipped out of work early on several occasions and scoured the planet looking for them to no avail. No one could find them. She finally gave up altogether, and said that Aunt Mary would be dragged off to her new home the next morning, pants or not. She couldn’t afford any more time to look.

I found the pants online at work with a few Google searches. Sometimes you just have to know what to ask for.

Aunt Mary wore her new pants proudly into her new apartment, Jenn moved in, and we joked about that for some time afterwards. And they were right; it was really funny.

So this was Jenn’s sister. Now to find out what exactly had been going on.

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