Chapter 7…

” And how’s Aunt Mary doing these days?” I felt a little apprehensive about the possible answers.

” She’s doing OK. Good and bad days, but not complaining too much.”

” That , I think, is a victory unto itself. Please give her my regards, although I didn’t ever actually meet her.”

“I will, but she might not have ever realized where the pants came from. Sorry, but it wasn’t that important who got them. As long as someone did her bidding.”

“Well, glad to have helped, anyway. But now, can you tell me what’s been going on? And in return, I’ll tell you very honestly if there’s any way I can help you. ”

” Yes, I need to tell someone this. No one knows I’m here…I just found the card in Jenn’s purse… and that’s the first thing. Where would she have gone without her purse? Or her phone, either.”

“Yes. I recall that…she used to walk in to work in the morning with a Bluetooth on. I hate those things. But Jenn without a phone…impossible. Where did you find them?”

” In her car, in the driveway. The doors weren’t locked.”

” Car keys?”

” In the ignition. And the house was locked.”

” Do you know if Kendra was home? She might have heard something.”

” No, it was last Tuesday, she was staying at her dad’s.” I remembered that…divorced parents alternating nights of custody. The main reason that Jenn used to go out so much. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

” And has this been reported yet?”

“No…but her friend the detective knows. He said he wanted a day or so to check a few things first.”

So Jenn had been missing for three days, and the only person supposedly doing anything about it was a police detective who was probably an on again/ off again love interest.

And… he’s also the one guy who would know how critical the first 24 hours are in abduction cases. And he wants to wait a few days…no red flags there…

” Janice…I can try a few things of my own here, but I’ll need just a few hours. And then I think you should report this right away. Can you spare enough time to give me a quick tour of North Smithfield?”

” Yes, I can do that. I’m parked over by PPAC.”

” Better if I drive. No one knows me or my car out in the country. That’s two zip codes from here, may as well be on the moon.”

So now there were two guys looking for Jenn…a real detective, albeit one with a boatload of motive…

And me. Amateur part-time sleuth.


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