Chapter 10…

” So do you need to stop for anything before we get on the highway? I see a few clean spots on your shoulder there.”
More wryness.
We consultants thrive on wryness. Snappy comebacks are stock in trade for us.
” No…but thanks for your… concern…”
Timing is everything with snappy comebacks. A just ever-so-slightly ascerbic tone, slight mid-sentence hesitation…and just a wisp of a sidelong glance. Devastating.
We consultants need to keep a semblance of control.

” So have you tried the new broccoli-and-cheese soup bowl at Panera? Your choice of rye or pumpernickel. I think you could use a little green right there, by the pocket.”
” Why, you poor emaciated little thing. I may have to buy you lunch when we’re done. There’s a Panera on 44 in the Home Depot plaza.”
” I know, I sort of live around there.”
“And it’s probably on the way. Exit 7?”
Another wry smile, and a telling silence.
” I just bought you lunch, didn’t I?”
” Nothing personal. I just hate crullers.”

Semblance of control…don’t leave home without it…

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  1. Damn! I was just about to cut and paste….chapter 10! Now I have to do a re-write! This is going to be even more challenging than I thought:)

    P, S. Now I have no excuse for not getting to work early LOL

    • Oops- sorry. I’ll wait to put up anything further. I’ve think I’ve gotten about all I can out of the ‘ food on the jacket’ thing anyway. Welcome aboard.

      • No worries:)

  2. So where is Chapter 11? I hit the publish button this morning!

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