Chapter 11

He was funny. A little rumply and none too neat but Jenn was right. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. But can he find my sister? Jenn was never big on details and when it came to the men in her life… Nothing. Nada. Nunca. Mouth shut tighter than a nun’s behind. This one though – P.I. Cruller– there’s more here than meets the eye. The witty repartee, the charming self deprecation… A lot more going on behind that Columbo routine.

We were coming up on Washington St. slowly, a lone Greyhound bus directly in front of us taking it’s sweet time deciding which way to turn. Which is how I felt this morning. Suspended in traffic, I suddenly found myself trying to remember the last time I’d been this side of the river. Many a year has passed since graduating Brown and even though I’d moved out of the city ages ago, I still loved it. The “East Side”.

The East Side of Providence surrounding Brown was always known as “college hill” with Thayer St. being a main drag. Back in the day, I’d spend weekend afternoons with friends walking in and out of the shops, lunch at Montana’s. Ah, the good old days. Gone now. Like my sister.

So much for reminiscing. Jenn was missing. She was missing for God’s sake! How does that happen? How does an older, seemingly more stable sibling go missing?

“I don’t know, Janice. Your sister is the most together person I know. At least on a professional level. The dating thing? That, I always thought a little….weird.”

Damn! Had I spoken out loud? I turned to Mr. Cruller (his last name did begin with a “C” afterall) and slowly nodded my head in agreement. Then I took a left onto W. Exchange St. headed towards the interstate.

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  1. Wow. Nicely done, Girlie. Now two internal dialogues that can run at the same time, with a tone of believability that I was having some trouble with on my own.

  2. Thank you sir:)
    Almost thought I was going to have to trash it when I saw you had beaten me to Ch. 10! Glad I didn’t have to do a re-write…took me awhile to get that out:)
    This will be interesting. Unknown plot, end, development? 2 characters created independently of each other…

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