Chapter 34…

Cooking has always been one of the few things I do that actually seems to impress people, especially women.

I think it allows them to perceive what they see as a domestic feminine side to me that actually isn’t there.

Well, maybe a little. I just have never understood the concept of comfort food. Isn’t it all comfort food?

We could all just chew on dry dog food ( or the human equivalent, known as Fritos ) and stay alive, you know. But French Onion Soup has history, and you should always indulge a little when you indulge a little. Food is just so damned good.

So I actually followed her instructions. Got the groceries, drove to the address in Narragansett. Nice area.

Also threw a ball peen hammer in the bag so I could knock this girl upside the head if she didn’t start talking soon.

Because those security cameras had all kinds of stuff on the DVR. Both sisters, Jenn’s daughter, Jenn’s daughter’s boyfriend, Fucking Bobby, another guy who I presumed was Jenn’s ex- husband, and another guy who I couldn’ t place at all.

But I knew someone who could. So I made her some scrambled eggs with sauteed bacon and scallions, cornbread from scratch, mixed some pineapple juice with orange and split it with seltzer water. Eight O’ Clock  coffee ground from beans. ( Have Grinder, Will Travel.) Sweet potato home fries with a spot of maple syrup and brown sugared butter that goes with the cornbread nicely, too.

Pretty damned good. And for my client too, based on her finishing everything and then trying to chew the blue flowers off her Pfaltzgraff plate.  I served her seconds, and put a copy of the greatest hits of the security footage down beside her plate. I had already made a few extra copies.

” Let me get you another coffee. You’re not going to like this much. But it’ll be OK. As far as the legal ramifications go, I know a guy.”



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  1. Good to be back. Anybody out there?

  2. Good to have you back. Never left 🙂

    • Well hi there. Sorry about the wait. I was waiting for inspiration about where this story ought to be going, and being a fundamentally self- indulgent little bitch, took way too long.
      Still not sure, actually. ( about the story…I am definitely a SELB.)

  3. (is that my cue? ‘I got a guy’??! don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad intro

    • I know. It’s good. It will be developed a little further…or maybe someone might pick up the ball and go sooner with it. It’s wide open.You tall enough to ride this ride?

      • No need. (for further development, at least not for my sake).
        I’ll need a little time to get to know this guy that your character claims to know.
        btw trying to practice what I preach/read… and so, at the moment, I’m writing the guy’s resume despite no having the slightest clue as to plot.
        I can tell you this, he currently resides at 19 Fallon St Cambridge MA (yes, that is a short walk from the Harvard School of Law)

  4. And the plot thickens! We all know “who” went to law school in Boston, right? (just say “right” dammit! humor me)

    • ok ok! I’m still working out the timeline… when did you say you got your law degree?

      (why no, I don’t think there is anything wrong with involving …shall I say it? Harvard Deans! )

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