Cat Escapes Bag…

Well, then.

A ways back, I put up a post about, and how much fun I had poking around in the dustbin of my family history, such as it is.

That trend has continued, and I have found much more stuff since then. But there also have been setbacks. Inexplicable setbacks.

For instance, I have two branches of aunts/uncles/cousins that don’t seem to exist. And yet, I can verify their existence because I was there, and knew them as a child. So I am forced to possibly conclude that:

  • My parents inexplicably lied in great detail about them
  • is riddled with errors
  • They did in fact exist, but went to great lengths to avoid the authorities, especially census- takers
  • I might have made a mistake in my family tree somehow ( as unlikely as that seems, with me being almost infallible…yet, I must remain objective…)
  • Maybe they really existed, and I am just a figment of their imaginations ( I like that, it easily explains away any shortcomings of mine…not to say there are any, but… )

And to really complicate matters, I received a DNA kit as a Christmas gift. Didn’t see that coming at all. So I spit in the tube like the Nigerian girl on TV says to do, and sent it off to the Geneaology Elves in the mountains.

There must be an awful lot of freaking elves out there.

The results got back yesterday.

Were I better at using WordPress, I would simply insert an emoji here. The yellow one with eyes wide open and mouth agape.

I sort of expected the percentage results- 86% Irish, trace amounts of 6 others. Been there, knew that. But I didn’t know about the interactive map.

The one that shows where your DNA genome matches ever started from, and where they ever went. And when. And shows little icons of people to click on along the way when written records ever started being kept.

That’s how I confirmed James and Ellen Duggan, both born app. 1800, married around 1820, emigrated by 1840. Both buried in St. Patrick’s cemetery in Pawtucket RI. My 3rd great-grandparents.

Now I have to go find them.

But wait…there’s more.

They are just the earliest written records.

The earliest genome matches go back to 1700…from France. ( insert frightened emoji here) Not frightened, really. More like unsettled. I may not be as Irish as I have always been led to believe.

But then again, Mom and Dad may have been lying about those cousins too, so…

So the earliest indication is that they went from France to Canada, settling around the St. Lawrence seaway. They were fur trappers, roughly around the time of the French and Indian war.

They lost the war with Britain, and were driven out of Canada. To all over the Northeastern states ( sorry…colonies, then)

And so the next plateau ( ooh, look, I know a French word ) will be to find a trace of how that all happened and how the Irish cousins and French trappers ever got together. Somebody went way outside the lines.

And I just got an Ancestry email from a French guy¬† who has built a tree to almost 40,000 people and invites me to investigate away. Seeing as how we’re cousins and all.

That, as the saying goes, is a lot of fur trappers.

The journey continues. The emoji says it all.


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