New(er) Guy…

There are only two people on the planet who will get the reference that I’m about to make here. The absolute essence of obscurity.

So today at work, I am having my initial sit-down with yet another ex-police captain who has been brought onto our work site as a new security account manager. This makes three times that I have been overlooked for a promotion that I truly no longer care about, would no longer accept even if offered, from a company that I no longer have any particular regard for.

Disgruntled? Hell, yes.Just want to get in a few more years and fade into blissful obscurity.

I don’t see that happening now. This guy is a six- figure idiot. And I somehow have managed to hold onto the quaint notion that there shouldn’t be any such thing.This guy would have been better off being appointed an acting something or other for Trump.

So …. Who am I ┬áto be so judgemental? You tell me.

He starts off by asking me…If I like my sneakers ( black, suitable business attire, as required in our post orders ).

Yes, thanks. Quite nice, as sneakers go, I say….??

That was his idea of an effective lead-in…. to start to explain why all of his shoes are custom-made and very expensive…( as I begin to wonder what any of this might have to do with my little slice of reality…or maybe even our jobs, God forbid…)

Apparently, many years of police work can result in bad backs and bad feet.

Okay, fine. And while I am hoping that there is something, anything even vaguely resembling a point to any of this in the near future… he pulls out his phone.

And promptly starts showing me very uncomfortably graphic photos of a foot procedure he had done recently. ( selfies??) Lots of them.

Mind you, I’ve only known this guy for about seven minutes.

And as I am trying to conjure up something in the way of a suitable reaction to wherever this is supposed to go?…a little voice in my head from several galaxies to my left says, and I quote… ” shit…look at his crooked feet… “

And I start to giggle, which in turn approaches actual laughter.

I, of course, can offer nothing in way of an explanation.

Seems that ex-police captains don’t care to be trifled with. He was somewhat offput by my callous reaction, and we will discuss this further on Tuesday after the MLK holiday.

And I still have no earthly idea what any of that had to do with anything at all. Should I have pulled out my old MRI of back injuries and bonded accordingly?

Got off on the wrong foot, as they say…

Tuesday at 0700 should be a real hoot. Maybe I’ll bring some dental X-rays for show and tell…

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