Some Enchanted Evening…


Leadville at 0700 hrs; 39 degrees F.

Doc’s tour was a rousing success. After repast at the Delaware, the entourage proceeded to Harrison and 7th, for drinks at the Clarendon Hotel.

To his dismay, they found the Clarendon to be no longer in existence; much like themselves. It had been demolished in the 1930’s. Doc recalls having encountered many notable persona there, including Oscar Wilde, US Grant, and Billy Sherman; although he remembers that as being a coldly formal and terse conversation, with him being a native Georgian. The legendary walkway between the hotel and the Opera House next door was of keen interest to Queens Anne and Mary; anything to keep from the chaotic environment on the streets. The group wholeheartedly voted to hold regular concourse at the Opera House, walkway or no; as it only hosts the occasional show or troupe of tourists nowadays. And since they don’t exist in the technical sense, they won’t be much of a bother at all. So…nemine contradicente.

Doc was quite taken aback by the apparent decline in population. The Leadville of his day counted itself in the 40,000’s; today it is barely 3,000. The town is generally quiet as a mouse and no one seems to be armed, almost as if it were not a necessity. What, thinks Doc, has the world come to? Seems somewhat pleasant…

After a brief stop at the old Hyman’s and a breathless re-telling of Doc’s last gunfight, the tour concluded with bowls of coffee. Tomorrow, all will pack up for the official move to the Opera House.