Work Area#2

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  1. Chapter Two- Silverthorne, Buena Vista, Aspen

    The test had not gone entirely as expected; this was after all, the first true field test that they had conducted. They had managed to set up the portable stations in only a few hours, well ahead of schedule.
    It was so ridiculously easy to operate in this environment; for months, they had been buying supplies in the very town that they just ran the test on. They often wondered what you actually had to do to get the average American citizen’s collective attention. Well, today’s response would serve as a very good gauge. They had completely disrupted an area of several square miles for almost a half-hour.
    All communications and broadcasts had collapsed, were just now returning. They would be flooded with panic-stricken 911 calls that would tie up emergency services for days. And the best part of manipulating the ionosphere was the most effective of all; emotional responses were amplified tremendously. Whatever emotion that held play in an affected person’s mind at the time of impact was dramatically enhanced; they weren’t just yet sure to what degree.
    But so far, the signs were very encouraging. The town of Leadville had come apart at the seams, and now they needed to move quickly in case of possible detection. That was not considered very likely, but they had trained with that scenario in mind.
    The teams would now work quickly to break down the towers and return to the cabin. And then, a drive into Leadville to peruse the chaos in person. The cabin was nearest to Aspen, so it would take the others a while to get back. The triangulation points had to be placed exactly, so there was no getting around that inconvenience. Getting the towers out to the points had to be done on foot. But the teams could be picked up, once they each got out to a paved road.
    With any luck, they could be back in Leadville for dinner at that restaurant that had become something of a regular stop.
    Provided, of course, that they were still serving. ( Roger, 350 wds )

  2. Joseph had found the shut off valve for the gas. He took a last look around the diner, and satisfied no one was left inside, walked outside to join the others. He spotted Millicent and went over to join her; when out of the corner of his eye he caught (DS1 50 wds)

  3. sight of a rising column of smoke at the other end of town by the hospital, and one of Leadville’s two police cruisers racing out of town out towards Rt. 24.
    ” What the hell is happening around here?” he said to no one in particular. And how could there have been a gas leak? They were careful to check all the fittings every month, and thank God that it had stopped at the shutoff valve.
    He was expecting that someone from LFD would be there to disengage the fire alarm inside, but realized immediately that that would not happen. He could hear dozens of alarms ringing, and Millicent was in the street, trying to separate two guys who were swinging away at one another like hockey players.
    Poor Millie had just caught an elbow in the teeth, and he moved quickly to help. Just as he touched her shoulder, she swung around and clubbed him in the ear. He reeled backward, tripped on the curbing, and caught his arm on the handlebars of a Harley; which wavered a few times, and then fell over on its side.
    The handlebar wedged into his ribcage on the way down, and he had ( Roger, 200wds )

  4. only seconds to free himself before the hog pinned his ass to the pavement. It was official – all hell had broken out in Leadville, CO. Millie bent over to steady him and as she did so she suddenly started to sob. He held her then and wondered half out loud (DS1,50wds)

  5. if he should try dialing 911 again. The two fighters were separated now, one on the ground and the other desperately trying to open his car door. The first man lay face-down in the street, and two people left the sidewalk and knelt to see how he was.
    ” It’s not working” Millie said, using her sleeve to dab at the blood on her face. ” They’ ve all been trying. Should we help that guy? There’s no one else. We could get him down to St. Vincent’s.”
    ” We can’t leave the place open. I’d have to lock up the register and lock the doors first.”
    At that moment, the second fighter, now in his car, suddenly lurched backward out of the parking space. The kneeling woman shouted as the car moved, but it was too late. The car went right over the ankles of the first fighter as the two kneelers leapt away.
    The two were on their feet immediately, pounding on the glass and shrieking at the driver. He reacted quickly, but in his panic he drove the wrong way, going forward again over the ankles. As they continued to pound on the car, it suddenly sped off towards the intersection.
    Their stunned response lasted only a few seconds. Someone from the sporting goods store next door was running after the car; four Harleys that drove away from the Silver Dollar sped past, but did not stop to help. The two people who had gone to help were now kneeling over the man, and it was just then that Millie and Joseph realized that he had not responded through any of this; and that he must already have been dead.
    Millie’s vision began to tunnel again, and she wasn’t sure where the screaming was coming from.

    ” Pretty mouthy for somebody who wanted to get out of Dodge that bad” Scott said. Wanda shut her eyes and just hoped it would all go away. They didn’t know anything about this girl, and now she was going to try poking a bear with a stick just to pass the time?
    ” She didn’t mean anything by it, Scott” she ( Roger, 350 wds )

  6. said in a voice exhausted as much by the familiar routine of offsetting her husband’s often un-controllable temperament as by the events of the last 2 hours. “We’ve all been through so much today, I know how much you did back there to help those people”
    Seeing the tension begin to seep from her husband’s body, Wanda felt herself relax, tentatively as if having avoided a violent scene only increased the likelihood of him exploding even more violently at the next provocation.
    ‘God,’ Wanda thought to herself, ‘how can I keep doing this…why do I keep doing this? Was it that long ago when it was outbursts of laughter, joking outrageously, showing a love that was so strong that it was scary. How have things gone so wrong?…what did I do?” At this last, the voice of her best friend started but Wanda was quick to interupt the memory, “Well Wanda girlie, you make your bed, you sleep in it….yeah one eye open” The image was just what she needed and her laughter bubbled out of her mind into the car and both their passenger and Scott turned to look at her.
    “What?” unable to contain this release of tension, Wanda tried to look innocent. In the visor mirror she saw a look on Chelsea’s face, a look while somehow familiar, yet not reassuring; almost as if their guest were the one reacting and managing to avert the violence that was clearly a potential response from her husband.
    “She knows”, the uninvited thought came to Wanda, “she has been in a relationship with someone like Scott.” Thinking her husbands name brought the reality of her situation rushing back to her, laughter vanishing as quickly as it appeared.
    “Wanda, I would never have thought you would have such ( Clark, 300wds)

  7. control. I don’t know whether to laugh, or start crying. What is going on?”
    Two Colorado State troopers with their lights on but no sirens sped by in the opposite direction, headed back towards town. They must have been doing over a hundred.
    “Just as long as I’m headed away from those bastards” said Scott.” Are they by any chance looking for you, sweetie? Those fuckers would throw my ass back in for having a taillight out, but maybe I can play bounty hunter for a while. Where did you say you were from?”
    ” I didn’t. I’m from Ft. Collins, but I know some people in Denver that I’ll need to check in with pretty soon.” As she spoke, she was thinking that it would be good to let this guy know that she was expected somewhere; even if it wasn’t literally true.
    Out of the frying pan, and right into another frying pan. She felt a pang of protective despair for the wife; you could just tell that she had been pounded on.
    ” So you snag a ride in the middle of nowhere, and then you’re suddenly going to Denver, too? Isn’t that just special? How about we stop in Albuquerque on the way? You must have some people there. You’ve got people all over, right?”
    Wanda could feel the tension level rise right back up to normal. She started getting that familiar copper-tinged taste in the back of her throat. In the back seat, Chelsea was gazing out the front window down the road, and had slid herself over to the far right. She started looking for something in her shoulder bag.
    A third state trooper rode past, at a much more normal rate of speed. At a few hundred yards past, he slowed and did a quick u-turn. The lights came on, and he chirped the siren twice; and started to pick up his speed again.
    ” Damn it. Okay, we’re just trying to get home by tonight, right? And we don’t know who’s in the back seat, we’re just giving her a ride. Just being good
    (Roger, 350 wds)

  8. samaritans.”
    Meanwhile, Chelsea had managed to find by feel the handgun in her bag. “Amazing” she thought to herself “that only 48 hours ago this rather innocuous looking firearm changed the course of her life. Literally.”
    As the state trooper drew nearer, Scott could see it start to flash it’s
    (DS1, 50 wds)

  9. headlights in that ‘not mistaken for anything else’ one side then the other, back and forth…in time to the thought, “Pull over, Pull over”

    Chelsea felt the return of the old feelings, the fear, the desperation, the desire for the life that her mother told her of, but mostly the fear. Coating every thought, touching every part of her mind, the fear returned…a like an unwanted lover who has waited out the restraining order. For Chelsea, it was this familiarity with the reality of fear that pushed her to the next thought: “Enough, this will never end…”
    As naturally as her body once welcomed her lover’s embrace, Chelsea felt her right arm raise itself and the gun was lightly touching her temple. In counterbalance, she leaned slightly forward and rested her left hand on Wanda’s shoulder and pulled the trigger.

    Feeling Chelsea’s hand Wanda smiled and began to turn her head when she thought, ‘why would Chelsea take our photo?”, the muffled bang was almost simultaneous with the muzzle flash. As she continued the turning of her to face the back, Wanda saw Chelsea with a look of…repose…rest…on her face. (She would tell only her closest friends afterwards, “it was not that time slowed down or was slow motion, it was as if each piece of the time became disconnected, from the second before and the minute to follow…”) As her head came around to face the backseat, Wanda saw something change on the right side of Chelsea’s head, a movement, a shudder…then stillness. The eyes of her might-have-been friend locked briefly with her own and she watched as the shine faded as the life escaped, leaving only a human shaped thing that slumped over to the side, everything returning to a normal rate of time.

    Wanda stared for what seemed to be an hour until she was brought back to the present by a screamshout coming from the driver’s seat, the noise drew itself out, lowering in register from the girlish ( Clark, 350 wds )

  10. high-pitched shriek to a guttural furious growl.

    Officer Stanton had just received the radio dispatch to check any and all vehicles leaving Leadville. Something was happening there that hadn’t yet been explained, and they had to try to contain as much of the area as possible. It was just damned strange to be complying with a directive and not knowing why. What was he supposed to check for?
    As he pulled his cruiser into a u-turn and flipped on the overheads, he noticed the Pontiac speed up just slightly. They always seemed to do that, even if they didn’t really mean to. Nerves, he supposed. Today had abruptly turned into a total circus. They just had to gather some good information to start getting a handle on whatever this was.
    He picked up speed to approach the Pontiac, and was locked on the rear window to get a glimpse at any passengers when he saw it. Blood, spattering up across the window.
    He was stunned for a few seconds; the glare on the glass could be deceptive. He increased speed, and the glare softened just enough to be able to verify it. Unbelievable. ” Well, now I know what to look for” he thought nervously. He had seen a lot of stuff out on this road, but never anything like this. He flipped on the siren, hit the gas, and keyed the mike.
    The Pontiac suddenly veered into the median strip. He had just gotten the dispatcher’s response when it ( Roger, 250 wds )

  11. this section closed- please go to work area #3

  12. would you mind doing an edit on my last entry?
    The last paragraph should read “Wanda stared…”
    no change in word count just put in the wrong fuckin name.

  13. copy that

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